The Secret Behind Our Signature Cocktails

Discover the art and inspiration behind LunaSol’s signature cocktails, where ancient Mayan flavors meet modern mixology.

Welcome to LunaSol – a place where the past and present merge to create an unforgettable taste experience. Our signature cocktails are not just drinks; they are a journey through the rich heritage of Mayan culture, crafted with precision, creativity, and a deep respect for tradition.

The Inspiration: Our journey begins with the desire to pay homage to the Mayan civilization, known for its deep connection to nature and remarkable culinary achievements. We delve into the heart of this ancient culture, selecting ingredients that are as vibrant and enduring as the Mayans themselves – from the spicy kick of chili peppers to the sweet allure of tamarind and hibiscus.

Behind-the-Scenes with Our Mixologists: Our talented mixologists, led by the visionary Chef Aiko, bring these ingredients to life in a symphony of flavors. “Each cocktail tells a story,” Chef Aiko says, “a story of discovery, adventure, and passion.” From the smoky depth of the Xibalba’s Whisper to the refreshing zing of the Cenote Cool Down, every drink is a masterpiece.

Signature Sips:

  • Xibalba’s Whisper: Aged tequila meets chipotle smoke and agave sweetness, inviting you to explore the mysterious underworld of Mayan mythology.
  • Quetzal’s Flight: A light, guava-infused rum cocktail that captures the essence of the sacred Quetzal bird, soaring through the skies of ancient landscapes.

Join Us: We invite you to LunaSol, where every sip is a step back in time, a celebration of Mayan culture, and a toast to the endless possibilities of the present. Discover the secret behind our signature cocktails and let the adventure begin.